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Learn more Leitha CleanCoat™ is an effective cleaning method against bacteria, viruses, and mold. The coating is a preventive solution based on cutting-edge nano technology which ensures a persistent and continuously effect for longer periods.

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Less Toxic
Less Plastic. Lower Water
Leitha Clean Technologies provides cost-effective and resource saving solutions reducing the need for coarse disinfectants. Learn more

Effective Protection

Contact us Leitha CleanCoat™ is proven to be a light-activated generator of free radicals that decompose harmful pathogens while purifying and deodorizing indoor environments.
Leitha CleanCoat™

Responsible Cleaning For Your Environment

Leading Danish innovation supporting a healthy indoor environment.

Solution Highlights:

  • Effective protection of employees and guests.
  • Long lasting and resource saving
  • Effective against bacteria, viruses and mold
  • Is purifying the air in the treated environment
  • Reduces need for disinfecting
  • Save time and money

Lower Water Consumption

ECA Water reduces the conventional cleaning process with several steps, including rinsing after application.


Less Toxic Chemicals

Leitha CleanCoat™ is catalyzing a process naturally occurring in nature.


Less Plastic

ECA Water is produced on site and decanted into reusable spray bottles and thereby saves the environment unnecessary plastic waste

Leitha CleanCoat™


We have used Leitha Clean Technologies several times to coat in Water & wellness Randers. We are fully satisfied with the result and have used the coating 4 times now.

Karina Hansen
Manager, Water & Wellness Randers

Over a 12-months period, The National Geographic Explorer experienced more than a 50% reduction in gastrointestinal cases reported to the ship’s doctor.

Bruce Tchampel
Vice President, Lindblad Expeditions

Copenhagen City Hall Guards were given the task of driving citizens infected with Covid to isolation in hotels. To avoid the risk of virus infection in our vehicles, and since we also wanted to avoid damage to the cars due to alcohol, plus avoiding bad indoor climate in the cars due to traditional cleaning chemicals, it was a great advantage that Copenhagen Municipality already had a collaboration with Leitha Clean Technologies.

It is the City of Copenhagen’s priority to increase awareness of nature and the environment and it was also one of the reasons for the collaboration.

In the approximately 4 months that we have been driving the cars with CleanCoat protection, none of our colleagues have been infected.

When reopening city hall, we have also chosen to protect rooms, elevators etc. with CleanCoat.

We have not experienced any negative side effects nor inconveniences in applying the coating.

Martin Holse
Copenhagen City Hall Guard

Recommended Technologies


ECA Water

We recommend the use of ECA Water as a supplement to Leitha CleanCoat™.

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Air Quality Sensors

The ability to real time monitor VOC levels and pathogen loads.

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UVC Lighting

Works to enhance Leitha CleanCoat's already active properties.

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Clean Water and Sanitation

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Life Below Water

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