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Air Quality Sensors

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Poor air quality is a global problem, a critical risk factor contributing to approximately 24% of all adult deaths from heart disease, stroke (25%), chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (43%) and lung cancer (29%), making assessing personal exposure to pollution critical. A healthy indoor climate has become a primary concern for companies and large building owners all over the world.


Good indoor air quality is not only about promoting health. It is an investment in improving working conditions, productivity and well-being. In Europe alone, it is estimated that companies suffer €923Bn (€4,070 per employee) in lost worker productivity every year due to poor indoor working environments. The main contributors of this problem are: 1) moisture and mould problems causing allergies and asthma and, 2) poor ventilation leading to headaches, influenza and common colds.


The challenge is understanding the impact of personal exposure as it heavily depends on the source(s) of emissions and duration of exposure. Physical conditions such as air flow patterns and materials used in a building directly affect air quality. Pre-existing illnesses, age and gender also contribute to understanding poor air quality’s impact on population health. Traditional HVAC systems do not factor in all relevant parameters for indoor air quality and comfort – such as CO2 levels, particle contamination and thermal comfort. This results in many tenants complaining about their indoor climate.


The coronavirus crisis has also raised the awareness on indoor air quality as a factor in delivering healthier indoor environments. Air Quality sensors of high quality that measure all relevant parameters, i.e CO2, particulate matter, volatile organic compound (VOCs) levels, as well as temperature and humidity, can be used to model the risk of contamination and spread of airborne diseases.

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