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Leitha CleanCoat™ is a professional treatment based on titanium dioxide that has two main effects: It helps maintaining a low microbial level on the applied surfaces and it purifies the air of the treated environments. Leitha CleanCoat™ is a coating based on photocatalytical oxidation processes and it requires the presence of light in order to produce an effect.

Leitha CleanCoat™ protects against viruses, molds, VOC’s and bacteria

In every test conducted, Leitha CleanCoat™ did not show any signs of toxicity.

The effect depends on the location and the wear and tear activity it sustains. We recommend reapplication of Leitha CleanCoat™ yearly.  

The customer performs a thorough cleaning, remove loose items and cover sensitive objects, so Leitha CleanCoat™ can be applied to permanent surfaces. 

Field studies show 68-96% cleaner air and surfaces by using Leitha CleanCoat™ depending on multiple circumstances: How well was the initial preparation? What cleaning method is used daily? Etc. 

Leitha will work around your schedule – both day and night.

Titanium Dioxide is synthesed by Leitha or on behalf of Leitha in EU. However the precursor chemicals are produced in China or India, these countries are the only ones capable of producing the chemicals at the moment.

The coater needs one hour before and after coating to unpack and pack up equipment

Titanium Dioxide is persieved as chemical inert and will not react with common chemicals. Very few chemicals which are normally unavailable to the common public, are able to dissolve Titanium Dioxide.

Leitha does not coat any kind of glass or transparent surfaces, due to risk of stains

Leitha’s professional coater uses an eletrostatic sprayer to apply Leitha CleanCoat™ to permanent surfaces.

Leitha CleanCoat™ has no effect in the accumulation or removal of dust.

Leitha CleanCoat™ is equally effective on both types of surfaces.

Leitha does not coat copper or glass due to risk of stains.

Leitha CleanCoat™ is odorless and not be visible. The air purifying effect of Leitha CleanCoat™, on the other hand, may result in an odor reduction in coated environments.
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