Leitha CleanCoat™

A disruptive hygiene innovation that protects against bacteria, viruses, mold and indoor air pollutants.

Leitha CleanCoat™

Effective Protection

Leitha CleanCoat™ is a patented, light-activated, nanocoating which generates free radicals when exposed to light, a so-called “photocatalyst”. Free radicals decompose harmful pathogens while purifying and deodorizing indoor environments. The invisible coating is not consumed in the light-activated process and is therefore persistent and continually active while exposed to light. Leitha CleanCoat™ works when exposed to light and helps in achieving a lower microbial load in-between cleaning cycles as such being an ideal adjuvant to daily cleaning and hygiene delivery as the coating reduces the need for manually wiping surfaces with traditional disinfecting substances.

Leitha CleanCoat™ is based on titanium dioxide, a substance which occurs in many places, both in regular consumer products and in nature. In Leitha CleanCoatTM the titanium dioxide comes in a special nano-form, which, when exposed to light, catalyze a process that generates free radicals.

Free radicals decompose certain microorganisms as viruses, bacteria, and mold, it also decomposes harmful gases called “volatile organic compounds”, VOCs for short. The decomposing happens by a process called “oxidization”.

Leitha CleanCoatTM can be applied on almost any surface, with only few exceptions, giving the coated surface self-disinfecting properties by above-described process for longer periods of time. Leitha CleanCoatTM is applied only by trained professionals, using a specially designed photostatic sprayer.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.


Lower Water Consumption

ECA Water reduces the conventional cleaning process with several steps, including rinsing after application.


Less Toxic Chemicals

Leitha CleanCoat™is catalyzing a process naturally occurring in nature.


Less Plastic

ECA Water is produced on site and decanted into reusable spray bottles and thereby saves the environment unnecessary plastic waste

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Like so many other microbes, there are good and bad bacteria. Bad bacteria like Listeria, MRSA and E coli not only affect health, but also the reputation of businesses, and with that, the confidence levels of staff and consumers.


More relevant than ever: Leitha CleanCoat™ effectively protects against vira in treated spaces. By using Leitha CleanCoat™, indoor spaces are protected longer term and continuously.


In nature, mold is necessary to help decompose dead organic material. However, mold poses a significant challenges in buildings. Besides the unpleasant odor and costly renovations of, there are serious health risks involved in living and working in mold-infested environments.


Leitha CleanCoat™ reduces air pollutants, including volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are “off-gassed” by many of the furnishings found indoors, including furniture, wall coverings, carpeting, and even electronics. They are associated with a number of health risks, including cognitive impairment, drowsiness and depression.

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