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Sales and distribution of Leitha CleanCoat™ depend on a network of main distributors, Leitha Clean Technologies A/S calls these “Master Distributors”.

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As Leitha CleanCoat™ is a high-tech product subject to a very special set of rules and permit requirements, Leitha Clean Technologies A/S enters into agreements with local companies in the individual countries where Leitha CleanCoat™ surface treatment is offered.

Master Distributors are trained by Leitha Clean Technologies A/S in handling and using, “coating”, with Leitha CleanCoat™. In addition, the Master Distributor structure ensures that all approvals, registrations, and permits are in place in the individual local market, including rules for the import of biocides.

Leitha CleanCoat™ may only be used by professional users who need to be trained to handle Leitha CleanCoat™ in order for the product to have the intended effect and effectiveness. Leitha Clean Technologies A/S is not responsible for surface treatment at the individual customers in all markets, but instead leaves the individual Master Distributors responsible for this, as well as importing to the individual countries.

In Denmark, Leitha Clean Technologies A/S handles coating of surface with Leitha CleanCoat™ directly with the end user, and there is therefore no affiliated Master Distributor here.

By buying Leitha CleanCoat™ through a Master Distributor or directly from Leitha Clean Technologies A/S, you as a customer are sure that it is an approved and permitted product that you buy, which is used “coated” by trained professionals, it is thus a security for you as a customer.

Leitha Clean Technologies A/S is expanding its network of Master Distributors on an ongoing basis, and today the network includes a number of countries.

Surface Cleaning Technologies

Coming/on the way

Coming/on the way

Surface Cleaning Technologies

Terranow GmbH


If you want to become a Master Distributor, hear more about Leitha CleanCoat™ or get an offer from your local Master Distributor, do not hesitate to contact us at:


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