To improve the return from Leitha CleanCoat™, Leitha Clean Technologies A/S recommends the use of certain other types of products, which the company does not sell itself.

Our partners

Leapcraft develops air quality monitoring systems to measure indoor & outdoor environments. Leitha Clean Technologies add Leapcraft to its partner portfolio measuring the effects of LEITHA CleanCoat™ as LEITHA CleanCoat™ helps in achieving a better indoor environment and thereby expand the strategic partner portfolio with Leapcraft.

Leitha Clean Technologies A/S’s vision is to reduce the use of harmful chemicals as well as the use of water and plastic for cleaning and disinfection.

Leitha Clean Technologies A/S offers its own surface treatment with the product Leitha CleanCoat™. A surface treatment with Leitha CleanCoat™ makes treated surfaces self-disinfecting and air-purifying when the surface is exposed to light, which can help reduce the ongoing need for coarse disinfectants.


Air sensor from LeapCraft

In addition to disinfectant properties, Leitha CleanCoat™ also has properties such as purifying the air. A surface treatment with Leitha CleanCoat™ not only breaks down harmful microorganisms when the surface is exposed to light, but also so-called volatile organic compounds, “VOCs” from the English “Volatile Organic Compounds”. VOCs are found in many indoor environments, typically as different gases, which in certain amounts can give e.g., headache.

It can be difficult to know how many VOCs there are in a room as one cannot see them nor necessarily smell them. But, with an air sensor from LeapCraft, it becomes possible to monitor air quality in real time.

Leitha Clean Technologies A/S recommends the use of LeapCraft air sensors to monitor the indoor climate at all times and at the same time see the effect of Leitha CleanCoat™ on the air in a surface-treated room.


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Lower Water Consumption

ECA Water reduces the conventional cleaning process with several steps, including rinsing after application.


Less Toxic Chemicals

Leitha CleanCoat™ is catalyzing a process naturally occurring in nature.


Less Plastic

ECA Water is produced on site and decanted into reusable spray bottles and thereby saves the environment unnecessary plastic waste

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