Located not too far from the historical route from Canterbury to Rome, and the Holy Land beyond, you can find Borgo Santo Pietro.

The pilgrim spirit of the hotel can be dated back to medieval times when it was used as a quarantine house, offering rest, health, and recuperation to medieval pilgrims.

Today, another type of explorers come to Borgo Santo Pietro; travellers in search of a luxurious retreat of five-sense immersion where they can connect with their well-being, integrating the mind, body, and spirit.

With healing natural scenery and gardens, the curative therapies of the Seed to Skin Spa and the farm-to-plate dining experiences of the Michelin star restaurant Borgo Santo Pietro is the perfect place to regain strength and energy.

In 2020, Borgo Santo Pietro added another layer of sustainability and luxury by implementing Leitha CleanCoat™. Leitha CleanCoat™ uses nature’s own disinfection method to decompose harmful microbes (such as bacteria, viruses, and airborne mold spores) and chemical compounds. When exposed to light, a photocatalytic reaction inactivates microbes and purifies the air.

Treating an area with Leitha CleanCoat™ enables daily cleaning with the ECA Water.

ECA Water transforms water and salt into a liquid that replaces all conventional cleaning detergents. The leftover will decompose, and only water and salt remain.

It is enabling Borgo Santo Pietro to save both toxic chemicals, water, and plastic related to cleaning.

The heritage of caring for body and soul goes on as Borgo Santo Pietro continues to offer unprecedented guest experiences by uniting the power of nature and luxury at the highest level.

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